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Hlw ppl :-) i hope evrybdy is okay nd doin well. Guys ive bn quite abit bsy wd my studies due to which the forum has deteriorated to a major extent. I nd sm serious admins nd moderators who can take d task of moderating nd promoting this forum. Evryone will be welcomed at chronic_laze@nimbuzz.com

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 Laptop, keyboard issues.

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Laptop, keyboard issues. Empty
PostSubject: Laptop, keyboard issues.   Laptop, keyboard issues. EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 4:13 am

Okay, there is a huge problem with either my Lenovo N Series N440 Keyboard Replacement Brand New US Layout or my touchpad. This is on a laptop.

It's hard to explain.

The keys often don't type at all, and when I type, windows get closed, and this annoying pop up thing comes up about windows presentation mode. its normally by clicking the windows key + the p key. see for yourself. But I never press those buttons, and it comes up pressing other buttons.

As well, the login screen appears at random as well. normally pressed by windows key + L key. again, see for yourself. It's harmless otherwise, but it always comes up. it's as if something is controlling my keys.

not only those issues arise, but often my keys will get 'stuck'. I dont mean physically either, because the keyboard is clean. I mean say if I press w, there will be a bunch of ws that follow after. also, sometimes keys type different letters than what they're supposed to.

also, this annoying caret browsing window keeps popping up whenever I press f7...but I don't ven press that damn button. ever.

I do notice that sometimes my touchpad effects this as well. I mean, Im typing fine now, but it'll start up again epsecially after I press the touchpad.

what I've done:

updated drivers for my touchpad, that was a given.
updated driver for my keyboard, which apparanrlty there is none which has me worried, and the date of the keyboard is 2006 =/
this is a 2010 laptop btw

also, it is NOT sticky keys. I looked at the settings for it, and its turned off.
I've also did a full scan for viruses. nothing came up.
I've also de fragmented my disk, and did a disk clean up. again, no problems.
I've troubleshooted my computer for issues, and apparantly there are no problems with the Lenovo N Series N440 Keyboard Replacement Brand New US Layout , which is bull s**t.
the only thing I haven't done yet is a system restore, going back to a restore point. I just wanted to see if I was the only one who has ever had this issue. everyone else I've talked to doesn't know what the hell it is, and it's irritating.

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Laptop, keyboard issues.
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